Participating Artist: Lexi Adams


by Lexi

by Lexi

Artist Biography

Lexi Adams lives in Brooklyn, NY and is originally from the New Hampshire seacoast.  Her photographs have been featured on Nerve, i heart photograph, and in Humble Arts Foundation’s Group Show.

Artist Statement

What Comes After Utopia

Utopian visions transgress genres and ideologies: they can be post-apocalyptic, feminist, xenophobic, or ecological—peace-loving paradises or darker dystopias.  They can be sweepingly communal or personal and hermitic in scope.

This photo project explores ideas of utopia and dystopia through a lens aimed at the preservation of personal history and the projected fears and hopes for the future.  What tools might we need to tell our stories in utopia?  What symbols should we actively preserve—to sustain us, to comfort us, and to instruct a future society about our personal mythologies?

I am interested in the creation of identity and mythos through record-keeping, retold fables and future-based fantasies, and personal totems.

These images keep a visual diary of symbols, places, and objects that have been preserved for a dreamed-of utopia—and the darker fear of what comes after or instead of it. They are records to see us through a revolution and to the other side, offering scraps of stories for the rebuilding efforts.

Artist Contact Info


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