Participating Artist: Sigurjón Guðjónsson




Artist Biography

Sigurjon is born in Iceland in 1983. He became interested in photography at early age and started a professional career only 20 years old. In 2006, Sigurjon moved to New York to study photography at School of Visual Arts and is scheduled to graduate in year 2010.

Artist Statement


Iceland experienced the deepest and most rapid financial crisis recorded during peacetime when its three major banks all collapsed in the same week of fall 2008. The crisis had serious consequences for Iceland; the national currency has free fallen in value, some heavy restrictions are on all foreign currency transactions, and the stock market has dropped by more than 90%. The list is endless. Relative to the size of the economy, Iceland’s banking collapse is the largest by any country in history. The full cost of the crisis cannot yet be determined, but it already exceeds Iceland’s gross domestic product per a year, many years over, and it is an unknown as to when it will relent.

Ultimately, these photographs represent a sort of loss of innocence, as in one day the national mood turned from optimistic to pessimistic. The pictures demonstrate the potential that once existed, in the places in which they were taken, but now no longer does.

Artist Contact Info




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