Participating Artist: Carl Wooley


Carl Wooley

Artist Biography

Carl Wooley is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.  He graduated from the one year General Studies program at the International Center of Photography in 2008.  He recently completed a commission for Foam (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam) and the Stadsarchief (City Archives) to photograph the city of Amsterdam at night.  This body of work was on display in Amsterdam this summer in an exhibition titled NY Perspectives – Amsterdam discovered by NY photographers.  Work from a previous series of night images has been selected for publication in American Photography 25.

Artist Statement

The cafe had plastic chairs set up outside, with fluorescent lights suspended above us on metal frames.  We sat next to the rose bush, drank tea and talked about nothing in particular until late into the night.  I had spent most of my time in Jordan doing much of the same, either at someone’s house, in front of a small roadside store, or beside a town well.  Between these stops, we were in the car driving down long two lane roads, passing through the occasional small village perched like an outpost on the edge of a vast frontier.  Despite the splendor of what was left behind by the Romans, the Crusaders and the Nabateans, there was the impression that humanity had just shown up or was about to fade away.

This image is from a series that continues my interest in the peripheral, where the manmade breaks down and gives way to what was before.  In Jordan, I found a landscape of biblical proportions, one that’s hard to separate from religion, history and politics.  But these images seek to step back from that grandeur, or perhaps move in closer, to find another kind of beauty in the quiet and the banal.

Occasionally, while on one of our drives, I would stop the car, walk around in the heat and dust, set up my camera, and take the picture.

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