Participating Artist: Katie Humphries



Artist Biography

My first stitches were the product of an unsure toddler-wobble, head first into the side of my fathers tripod at the age of three. And so, predictably, I spent the rest of my childhood in the front seat of a Nissan pick-up, traveling and photographing the natural wonders of the south with my dad. He would quiz me on the names of various trees and flowers and play Elvis relentlessly, and I would beg him to fix the AC. My mother and my brothers would come at times, and there we would all be– hungry, tired, and sitting on a rock alongside a creek, waiting for a cloud to move, for a picture. Photography trips are the bedrock of my childhood memories. There are the memories of the places themselves– the freezing temperature and the heavy wind of a winter hike, on which I nearly lost some toes, and there are the memories of the photographs– the tranquil, powder dusted ridges that looked almost edible from the light box.It is these early impressions that are undeniably the source of inspiration for my own work. I photograph the landscape because my relationship with it and understanding of it are ever changing, as are my photographs of it.

Artist Statement

“La Mer” is a documentation of the effect that the encroaching Atlantic Ocean has had on the sand dune ecosystems of the barrier islands along the east coast and an assessment of our romanticization of islands, themselves. These islands are at once barren, rough, exposed, and incredibly fragile. Their history is amongst some of the first in the Americas, a history which, in places, is uniquely preserved as a result their general uninhabitability or by federal protection under the National Parks System. Many of them remain uniquely frozen in time– the homes of wild Spanish horses, the nearest lands to sunken pirate ships, the nesting points for dozens of rare birds. However, they are now topographically changing as a result of warming climates and rising sea levels. My photographs intend to capture these changes, not with a political perspective, but with a sense of great personal loss.

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