Come join us this Thursday from 6-8pm at Broadway Gallery!

Part I artists:



Christina Kerns

Christina Kerns_20x30

Katie Humphries


Lexi Adams

Lexi Adams

William Knipscher

William Knipscher_30x36

Magda Biernat

Magda Biemat_20x20

Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman

Jessica Bruah

Jessica Bruah_20x24

Kelly Shimoda

Kelly Shimoda

Ivy Finkelstein

eastman copy


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Soft cover is 15.95 dollars plus shipping.


Part I (11/2-11/15)

Heungman, Ivy Finkelstein, Christina Kerns, Katie Humphries, Lexi Adams, William Knipscher, Magda Biemat, Gabriela Herman, Jessica Bruah and Kelly Shimoda.

Part II (11/16-11/30)

Carl Wooley, Natalie Chan, Rachel Barrett, Katherine Finkelstein, Savannah Sakry, Nat Ward, Marten Elder, Elizabeth Weinberg, Ahndraya Parlato, Sigurjon Guojonsson and Kotaro Okada.

This upcoming group show, Recessive Traits–in the absence of the dominant element, will be held at Broadway Gallery, New York, from 11/2-11/30/2009.

The show includes two parts: Part I from 11/2-11/15/2009 and Part II from 11/16-11/30/2009. Each part will exhibit the work of 10 to 12 artists. The opening dates will be announced soon.

The curator, Natalie Chan is currently a photo student at School of Visual Arts, New York.

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